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How to use?

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This is a plugin which combines the following mods:
1. AtomicStryker’s Battle Towers
2. Roguelike Dungeons (Advanced Dungeons)
3. Doomlike Dungeons

This plugin is an inheritor of `Advanced Dungeons` & `Doomlike Dungeon Spigot`. All of these 2 plugins’ content is now merged into this one.

How to use:

(1) Remove the `Advanced Dungeons` & `Doomlike Dungeon Spigot` (if you have them installed)
(2) Put this jar into `plugins` directory
(3) Restart your server.

How to add custom loot:

(1) Login as OP.
(2) type ‘/otd’, select a world, then select a dungeon type. Now you can add or remove loots with LootManager

How to manually place a dungeon?

(1) Login as OP.
(2) Goto the location you want
(3) type ‘/otd_place type’, where type can be `battletower`, `doomlike` `roguelike` or `smoofy`

How to turn on the `Natural_Spawn` of dungeons?

(1) Login as OP, input `/otd`, you’ll open a GUI. Choose the world and turn on the dungeon type you want to spawn.

(2) No need to restart the server. The dungeons will natural spawn in new-gen chunks. It will work with all other world generator plugins.
(3) The `plugins\Oh_the_dungeons_youll_go\log.txt` will show the location of each dungeon.


More Screenshot:

Custom Loot for each dungeon:

Doomlike Dungeons (More than 12 themes):

Battle Tower (More than 5 themes):

Smoofy Dungeon:



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