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Ok, this is shadow_wind. I’m the co-developers of this plugin (you can see my name in contributors). After some efforts, I finally made a phone call with zhehe.

1. What’s going on with this plugin?

2. Future plan and source code

3. About my detail

1. Abandoned obviously. He didn ’t tell me everything in detail but sounds like some personal attacks to him.

2. I don’t have the full parts of the source code (DungeonMaze and BattleTower were developed by me), just part of them. He has demised the development to me as well as the source code. The bad thing is they are all looks like decompiled code. As far as I know, he has a software tools which can help convert the source code from Forge Mod into bukkit code. That’s why the source code is a mess… I also took some look at his forge_sandbox, and it’s made by Rust script… The good thing is I found out some fork of his advanced dungeon and doomlike, they are all with comments. So the only thing I need to do is to compare these 2 codes.

And yes, I’ll continue this project. But things are not so plain, I’ll tell you in next part.

3. I’m living in China. I took a study at Santa Clara University, major in computer science. I’m looking forward to find a job and I need some projects to practice. That’s why I got involved in this project. The bad thing is, you know, the coronavirus (I’m not suffered but still hope it could finally be solved). So I decided to drop my study at America, to go back to China. And now for me, using this forum is not so easy. The recaptcha cannot be loaded in China, as well as gmail and discord. Also, after zhehe’s encounter, I also feel that this forum gives too much power to normal user, although this can seldom be a trouble for a non-premium project.

So that I decide to host a small wordpress site for publishing this mod.

Unlike zhehe, I would make a large quantities of changes.

(1) Support of old version, while zhehe always focus on the newest one

1.12.2 (For people who couldn’t stand the performance drop since 1.13, or people who is using catserver(which can run both bukkit plugins and forge mod)

1.13 (For people who dislike the change of iron farm (like me!!))

1.14 (For people who dislike bees)

(2) About source code

After I comb everything, I’ll make it open source again.

I’ll keep updating my progress in this thread.

Archive1. The source code… There are so many things to do

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